Schedules A & B are available to view below and are updated every 24 hours. Schedule C will be announced shortly. 

What is the purpose of VAPP? 


Reduce the fragmentation and inefficiencies of sourcing critical materials needed to combat COVID-19 and also to provide visibility and access for the organizations most in need.  


What does VAPP stand for?


Visibility and Procurement Platform


Who is providing the platform?




What is the cost?


There is no cost to buy or sell on VAPP. Echo is donating its system and services for this cause and no users will incur any cost during the life of this program.


What happens when VAPP ends?


EchoSystem will return to regular business. Users will have no obligation to remain on the platform once it returns to a subscription-based service. 


Who is participating?


At first, it will be NACD members. We are looking to onboard all verified hospitals, non-profits, wholesaleser, distributors, and manufacturers critical to the cause. 


What products can be sold on VAPP?


Any product listed on Schedule A or Schedule B. The updated real-time list can be viewed by clicking here

  1. Schedule A: Raw materials necessary for producing critical items to combat COVID-19 that can be traded between distributors (and eventually producers and manufacturers).  

  2. Schedule B: Finished goods such as N95 Masks, Gloves, etc. 

How many products can I list?


You can list an unlimited amount of raw materials or products as long as they are on Schedule A or B. 


How do I get a product on the system?


Either upload the SDS when you register here or email the SDS’s to 


Is an SDS required for me to list a raw Schedule A material/chemical?


Yes, see above. 


Can I list bulk liquid (FTL)?


Not at this time. If you have bulk material we suggest you list your product offer with Splits of 44,000 LBS to make sure that the buyer is acquiring an FTL at a time. 


What if I need a product but don’t see a listing for it?


Login and click on the Wanted Board to list a product or chemical you are searching for and potential sellers will respond with offers for you to review. 


How are shipments handled?


All shipments are facilitated automatically via our 3PL partner Globaltranz. All you need to do as a buyer is check out and pick your shipping option at check out and everything else will be handled. All purchases are FOB. 

Can I buy finished goods such as N95 masks on VAPP?


If you are an approved entity with valid needs, yes. We prioritize hospitals, health care clinics, government agencies, and non-profits.


How is payment handled?


All payment terms are Net 30 and all payments are collected and delivered automatically via our ACH partner, DWOLLA. 


How do I get a Dwolla account?


Account set up for your Dwolla ACH is part of the onboarding process and is straight forward. We are here to assist with any questions. 


If I am the buyer, when does the seller know my identity?


Once you complete your check out and the platform sends over your order request for review. 


If I am the seller, when does the buyer know my identity?


Once you accept the Sales Order.


Do I need to offer everyone the same price?


No. Our price book controls allow you to set different prices to different companies, branches and regions if there are legal reasons why you should offer them a different price. 


Do I have to show each piece of inventory to everyone?


Same answer as above. 

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