Q.Pricing – what do the services cost?


Q.How granular can I restrict sales?

You can restrict who can view your products from the region or company. 


Q.Who pays freight?


Q.Can I use my own carrier/trucks?

We are currently partnered with GlobalTranz who has a variety of carriers that you can opt in or out off. 


Q.Will customers be able to leave reviews?



Q.How secure is my data?  Could my data be hacked and my pricing changed?


Q.If I sell in a refillable tote, how will I get it returned?


Q.My company requires a tote deposit/agreement, how will that be managed?

You can adjust the FOB Price by percentage or dollar amount per location to cover those costs. 


Q.Are both buyers and sellers anonymous?

Buyers and sellers are anonymous until a sale is made. At which point the buyers and sellers information will be shared with the invoice.


Q.Who carries the risk of product loss in transit?

We have insurance!


Q.What information is required to list products for sale?

We will require you to send us your SDS’s which we will upload into the system. From there you will only need to input your internal product details. 


Q.Are there any products I cannot sell through Echo?  There might be products we want to restrict


Q.How is the paperwork managed for the sale of a product subject to DHS?

We have a list of all DHS associated products which will have the documentation automatically attached when a sale is made. 


Q.Who has access to the marketplace to make purchases